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Chat with Kalium - Pendulum and Tarot Reading in Geelong online. 15-20 years of practice in Tarot Reading. Hello and Welcome! I’m Kalium Sean and I read Tarot cards (Rider-Waite) and use clairvoyance to seek guidance from the divine to gather information and provide clarity regarding your situation or questions. A reading will tell you about events that are taking place and will continue to proceed as the cards foretell; however, they can be altered based upon the changes you make. My readings are amazingly accurate. Keep in mind the more energy you allow to be shared the more enhanced the information will be provided by my own clairvoyance and abilities. The key to understanding a reading is not to have a closed mind. Often it may be a month or more after your reading that the foretold event occurs, allowing you to suddenly reflect: ‘WOW, I was told this would happen from my previous reading with Kalium!’. A professional Tarot reader is not judgmental and your reading will be confidential. We are all human beings with great potential. Triumphs and challenges, difficulties, pain, fear, hopes and dreams are all part of experiencing life. My advice for you is to enjoy your reading, write down the messages delivered then reflect upon the deeper meaning. A reading is a message from the divine to assist progression in your life in the best way for you. The Tarot readings and clairvoyance provide guidance for you. My advice should be noted, but you should not you base your life choices around them. Simply note them and then reflect on how you can be the best person you can be. We can learn a lot about ourselves by comparing who we think we are against who we think other people are. Our view of reality is not 100% accurate, it is merely our perspective - what we can see from where we are in life. The tarot is a means to guide us to learn and reflect. It is totally within your ability learn from what the cards say. The tarot's basis is to impart a message alerting you. If circumstances are not worked upon this WILL be the outcome; however, you do have the power and ability to make a change and be in charge of your own destiny. So what the reading shows you is that if things don’t change, this will be is the way it will go. If you choose make a change, then you have the ability to change the part of the reading you do not want. Your credits are valuable so I will spend time with you in free chat to prepare for your reading. I am here to assist, and provide information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Chat Room: + I have the most respect for all my clients and members and hold - please be respectful of me as well. + I will chat with you in the main chat room but will only do a full and proper reading for you in private chat. Your private information and confidentiality is highly respected and a private reading from me will allow me to devote all of my energy towards your questions and reading. + Keep in mind that some questions are not suitable for the tarot so please run your topic by me in free-chat and if I feel comfortable reading that situation I will be more than happy to assist you. Reading Topics can assist you with: • Love and Soulmates • New Relationships • Dating Advice • Cheating/Affairs • Family relationships • Relationship Advice • Career Advice • Recent/Current Employment • Where to find employment • Should you change jobs • YES/NO • Should I / Shouldn't I questions OTHER TOPICS??? Feel free to ask me in free chat and I will assist you! I would love to meet and read for you SOON! Blessings, Kalium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What my clients say: Alright I was impressed Kalium is good...he really is. He saw deeper in some areas than I revealed which helped me a great deal and let me know...he's the real deal. Try him you'll enjoy! (Bronxie, Maryland US) LOVE HIM! he was spot on with my situation. He was truthful even though it was a difficult situation…. And I have lots to look forward to!!! (SE, Australia) The cards you laid out were accurate and your clairvoyance guided you to see what I am going through in my current life. I was amazed also that you calculated the outcome in months and days that I personally foresee in my next life path coming up. (Lorraine, US) Really good reading with Kalium. He took the time to explain the meaning of each card and how they could relate to my question/situation. Very nice guy as well. I would recommend him. (Daniel, US) QUALITY reading, he’s very good and accurate. A deep reading rather than quick, which is great because it goes beyond the surface which brought a lot of clarity. (JAG, UK) Spot on. Very good reading. I will come back for advice. Should not be missed. (Kathleen, California) I have received 2 private readings with Kalium that occurred about a week apart. The readings were geared towards gaining as much insight as possible on a relationship issue that has persisted for several months. In my first session Kalium was able to identify certain characteristic about my partner that were extremely accurate in addition to helping me identify his motives, and the roots and foundation of our relationship as well as what to what to expect in the near future. Based on Kalium's reading I decided to utilize my new found knowledge and be more proactive in my relationship which then caused me to seek further insight from Kalium. The next reading was just as good and I felt extremely positive and optimistic thereafter. Kalium was able to once again give me insight into my partner's thoughts IN ADDITION to giving me a time frame as to when I should expect changes which I find to be very spot on considering how things are currently unfolding :) ONE LAST THING, Kalium is a very honest and fair individual and does an excellent job of being mindful of credits by cutting straight to the issue (Member Feedback) Kalium it is as if you knew intuitively to assist me today - I am so grateful and you saw my situation. Blessings to You from Canada *****5 stars (member feedback) Kalium predicted an event and it came true!! Spot on!! Thank you so much and blessings (RLorraine) Kalium just chose me in demo, and I was surprised that he saw all sorts of factors and components to my question, and saw it so deeply. I suggest you choose him for a reading, as he is clear and his heart is in the right place. Some things are too important to treat casually and you need a reader that takes things seriously and is wise and introspective, and listens to his higher guidance. Best blessings, (Elation)

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